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Mountains in Clouds

Therapize Yourself


My purpose in the course is to help you develop an awareness of the types of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that show up in depression and anxiety so you can leverage that insight to determine what to do about it. In the course, we build a workable framework and process for how to do this. It is a synthesis derived from various evidence-based therapeutic modalities (see references). Ultimately, my goal is to metaphorically "teach you to fish" so that you can develop the capacity to, in a way, "be your own therapist." While I am not suggesting this is the end-all of your journey, nor would I want it to be, I would say it's a great start. 

The course consists of 25 video presentations (~6.5 hours total) and 9 printable documents


$199 for 90 days access.

First 100 students take $100 off. Use Coupon Code: FIRST100 at checkout. 

Why 90 days? This allows plenty of time to complete, even multiple times, as well as adds incentive to not delay or leave large gaps between lessons so as to make the course more impactful. 

The course may be purchased as a gift by selecting "This is a Gift" at checkout.

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the course, I have a 30-day money-back guarantee in exhange for constructive feedback. I want this to be helpful for you. If it's not, I would like to know how you think it could be. Request a refund simply by emailing me with your name, date of purchase, and feedback :)

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