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About Me

I am thrilled you found my website. I am a psychiatrist who loves to teach and is passionate about educating others on how to improve their mental health. I decided a broadly impactful and accessible way to do this would be to digitize a therapeutic process people can do on their own, which ultimately led to the creation of my "Therapize Yourself" course.


Clinically, I have specific interests in emerging adulthood (the developmental stage between about 18-30 years old) and perinatal psychiatry (before, during, and after pregnancy). I prioritize an individualized and collaborative approach to treatment, which incorporates multiple modalities including therapy, medications, and lifestyle. ​​

Dr. Kaden Facer, Idaho Psychiatrist, headshot


  • Brigham Young University-Idaho, Bachelor of Science

  • University of Washington School of Medicine - WWAMI Idaho Program, Medical Doctor​ (M.D.)

  • Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance, Psychiatry Residency

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